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Planning Trip to England Sept-Oct 2019 successfully completed!

The Director and Co-Director have recently returned from a highly-successful research/planning trip to the UK, where they traveled to the cities of London, Norwich, Brighton, and Cambridge; to visit the Norfolk Records Office and Norwich Cathedral, Brighton Museum and the Royal Pavilion, The British Museum, Queens' College Cambridge University, and the Cambridge University Library. We would like to thank Dr Helen Mears (Brighton Museum), Dr Gaye Sculthorpe (The British Museum

A gift fit for a King - an examination of Hongi's kakahu...

The Director and Co-Director visited The British Museum today, to carry out a detailed examination of Hongi Hika's woven flax cloak; which he personally gifted to King George IV on their meeting at Carlton House on November 13, 1820. Hongi's Kakahu: Rangatira to Royalty is a research project which focuses on the meeting between Hongi, Waikato and the King, the practice of 'tuku' or reciprocal gifting, and a detailed examination of the kakahu itself. The resulting works will b

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