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Shalt not Steal from Shunghee!

Did you know that when Hongi (also known as Shunghee or Shongie) was in Port Jackson (Sydney) in June 1821, on his way back to Aotearoa New Zealand from England; he was momentarily robbed of one of his newly-acquired possessions, a pocket-watch, which he was gifted in London.

We are hoping to shoot this scene for our short film over the next few weeks, and are currently completing administration to film in the Rocks area of Sydney - for added authenticity.

Rest of the story - as he was making his way back to his lodgings in York St, he was accosted by former convict, John Wilson; who made off with Hongi's timepiece and tried to make his escape. Hongi chased the thief down and meted out his own measure of punishment, then handed Wilson over to the authorities, for some colonial justice. Wilson was sentenced to a public flogging of 100 lashes and then a period of hard labour at the convict prison in Port Macquarie.

Images of the shoot will be added when completed.

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