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Opportunities in Oxford

Updated: 5 days ago

The author was fortunate to have been granted access to a stunningly beautiful taonga (artefact/cultural treasure) within the Pitt Rivers Museum (PRM), Oxford University, when he was hosted by Dr Chistopher Morton, and Bryony Smerdon, and was able to undertake a detailed examination of a unique kakahu (woven cloak).

This was the author's first visit to Oxford, despite visiting and collaborating with institutions in Cambridge several times.

A historical and technical report will be produced as a result of this visit to the PRM.

The author would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Christopher Morton - Deputy Director, and Head of Curatorial, Research and Teaching, who gifted him a beautiful book as a keepsake to remember his visit, as well as Bryony Smerdon - Assistant Curator (Visiting Researchers), whom the author wove, and gifted, a small bouquet of flax flowers from a harakeke (phormium tenax) plant he found in Oxford the previous evening, for her assistance.

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